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Merch Empire Ep 171: Cancer, B2B, Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, NJ State Fair

Ant's Rant

Ant’s Rant Thursday 07/05/2018 .. why we cancelled the Live show..4th of July recap, and life. Check out our Live Show Mon-Wed @ 2PM EST: Follow Us on IG: Merch_Empire ***Merchers Looking for tools to help you 10X your Merch Business?*** Free 90 minute Automation Training – Design Variation Tool – Exclusive Merch Community…

Shakedown: Girl Boss Edition with Amy Herberger

Ep 168 Greg Preece of Start Starting Up

In this episode Antony has “The Girl Boss” Amy Herberger on the show for a Shakedown digging for insight on her insight in both Merch and the Girl Boss community. Show Notes/Markers 00:00:29 – Intro 00:00:49 – Do you release content outside of your group? 00:01:33 – Amy talks about the rapid growth of her…

Amazon FBA One Million Dollar Goal | Our Road To A Million

Ep 168 Greg Preece of Start Starting Up

Anthony talks about the team’s goal to earn one million on Amazon this December. He shares their current stand in terms of sales figures, and so far they are at the $69k mark. He will check back constantly to follow their progress. Subscribe to our podcast and get on our email list here –…