Merch Empire Live – State of E-Merchency, WW3, Etsy Setting Up Shop

Ep 168 Greg Preece of Start Starting Up

The guys are back to their 2 o’clock podcast habit with a hilarious story about Kevin’s war panic. They rallied the troops to vent about Merch. They shared some valuable advice on handling employees.

Day 18 of Merch Shame, featuring Valor Luke’s shirt design.

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Skip the fluff:
02:57 Anthony is busy with his son earlier today
03:10 The guys are back to the 2 o’clock schedule
04:38 Anthony’s story: the WW3
10:47 Merch emergency this 4th quarter
17:13 Our non-Merch ventures (Etsy, FBA, Walmart)
21:36 Valor Luke’s design (Day 18 of Merch Shame)
23:52 We’ll be interviewing the “Treasure Gnome” Mike
26:50 Discussion about our company operations
35:40 We’re going live from NYC tomorrow

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