Merch Empire Live – Jersey Shakedown with Yong | Understanding Typography for Merch by Amazon

Ep 168 Greg Preece of Start Starting Up

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Skip the fluff:

03:08 Sales update
04:39 FBA Sales are through the roof
06:08 Yong joins the Live video
07:52 Yong launched a new e-Book
09:15 Yong talks about Typography
11:05 Yong has high sales despite not having a lot of designs
11:32 Examples from Yong’s book
13:57 Conveying your message through Typography
14:44 Yong’s Typography background
15:23 Which font is best for what
16:18 How many fonts in a single design
16:27 Making your own fonts
16:53 Kevin’s story: explaining something simple is hard, like how certain fonts are better than the others
19:44 Kevin’s story about Steve Jobs and Calligraphy
21:49 “One word… but the font matches with the word”
24:05 Yong’s design tools
24:45 Yong’s choice of designs
25:11 Kevin’s story about his professor’s teaching
27:35 OTF and TTF
28:14 Yong talks more about his e-Book
30:37 Kevin talks about Kit who was asking for advice about Amazon business

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