Merch Empire Live – Jersey Shakedown With Merch by Amazon Master Neil Lassen | Merch Informer

Ep 168 Greg Preece of Start Starting Up

Creator of Merch Informer Neil Lassen joins Anthony in today’s Live video. He shares about his Amazon Merch techniques and all about his other online ventures. Just for FYI, Neil has sold more than 600 shirts last Cyber Monday.

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Skip the fluff:

05:15 Neil’s Merch status
08:14 Anthony’s test with Merch reviews
12:30 Early Reviewer program
14:35 Neil’s traffic strategy
15:27 Using AMS on Merch
19:37 Using Pinterest for marketing
28:24 Question about what Merch could look like in the future
31:46 “Doing something” to help your business
33:47 Neil’s financial arrangement with people he works with
36:16 Neil’s keyword strategy
37:38 The Merch freeze
40:33 Neil’s other ventures
42:57 Merch’s long-sleeves
43:13 Tracking trademarks
46:15 Neil’s eBay venture
50:39 Neil’s Etsy venture

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