Merch Empire Live – Jersey Shakedown with John and Amanda Balcazar

Ep 168 Greg Preece of Start Starting Up

John and Amanda Balcazar join Anthony in today’s Live, discussing all things business, including hiring outsource for Amazon business, AMS strategies, selling in Etsy, and many other things. John and Amanda are two of the most active members of the group who contribute a lot of input to other members.

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Skip the fluff:

01:18 John and Amanda join the Live
04:45 Anthony’s and the couple’s Merch updates
05:42 John and Amanda’s Merch venture
10:35 How the couple manages their lives
12:04 Becoming “psychologically unemployable”
13:55 John and Amanda’s roles in their businesses
15:53 How they communicate with their VAs / outsource talks
21:54 How many VAs they have / more outsource talks
29:56 John and Amanda’s good sales and what contributed to it
31:48 Topic: designs
32:37 Topic: Michael Esseny
34:31 John and Amanda’s AMS status
43:13 John and Amanda’s plans for next year
46:41 RJ’s event in January
49:13 Topic: Etsy
50:24 Anthony shares Merch status
50:45 John and Amanda’s Merch status

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