Jersey Shakedown With The “Treasure Gnome” Mike Peterson

Ep 168 Greg Preece of Start Starting Up

The “Treasure Gnome” himself joins Anthony and Kevin for today’s Jersey Shakedown. Mike Peterson shares his successes and struggles in the POD business and his smart AMS strategies that helped him earn his amazing numbers.

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Skip the fluff:

00:50 The “Treasure Gnome” Mike joins the podcast
01:57 Who Mike is
02:14 Mike’s POD business
03:36 Mike’s entrepreneurship / eCommerce background
06:26 Mike works alone
07:43 Mike’s current Merch status
08:01 Mike shares his amazing numbers
11:27 Ken Reil’s shirt got ranked top on Amazon
13:06 Mike’s niche strategy
14:49 Mike’s merchant-fulfilled shirt ventures
17:35 Mike’s YoutTube channel success
21:16 Discussion about AMS / ads strategies
36:27 Mike’s take on the recent “State of eMerchency”

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