Jersey Shakedown with Darby Martin

Ep 168 Greg Preece of Start Starting Up

In this episode Anthony interviews
Darby Martin in classic Shakedown fashion
and discuss some ideas and insight
about Merch and the Merch community

[00:00:35] Intro with Darby
[00:00:52] Staying busy
[00:01:16] Staying consistent
[00:01:46] What about Connor?
[00:02:04] Mike Iurato: Draft Kings, MMA News Updates
[00:04:40] Controversy works
[00:05:02] How Darby got started
[00:08:10] Why we love Ken
[00:08:56] #BeReil
[00:09:10] Darby on Amazon and his message to Merch community
[00:09:30] Ant tells Darby about The “Party Edition” Live Show he had with Ken
[00:11:22] Darby’s Confession
[00:12:08] Darby on access to the community
[00:13:12] Ant’s take
[00:14:35] Ken Reil: Cleaner
[00:15:22] Tim Grover “Relentless”
[00:15:45] Ant on “evolving”
[00:17:30] Flying private?
[00:17:50] Ant in the Private Jet business
[00:18:08] “One of the Ultimate perks of being wealthy”
[00:19:09] Imagine..
[00:20:18] “Merch Talk”
[00:20:40] Darby on Dealing with Merch “difficulties” and why you should “upload now”
[00:22:40] Darby talks numbers
[00:23:16] “How much did you kill it in Nov/Dec”
[00:24:30] Watching the potential and taking advantage
[00:25:04] Ant on Q4
[00:25:48] What the Inside Edition is for
[00:26:06] Darby on flying Merch by Amazon business Solo
[00:26:31] Darby @ The Masters
[00:27:35] Never say never
[00:28:08] Darby gets “Reil”
[00:28:42] Shakedown: Nuggets
[00:29:37] “Going Deep”
[00:32:44] I took a vacation
[00:33:30] Taking time to develop other skillsets
[00:33:55] Ken’s question for Ant
[00:34:26] Ant asks how deep in niches Darby goes
[00:37:20] Ant shifting gears on niche strategy
[00:38:08] Darby weighs in
[00:38:40] How Anthony came to know Mike Gual
[00:39:26] “Just Do It”
[00:40:04] “Is it a waste?” Darby on treating yourself
[00:41:10] Darby goes Jersey
[00:41:45] Why Ant isn’t a fan of “The Jersey Shore”
[00:42:20] What “The Strip” use to be like..
[00:44:15] No need to Quiz Anthony
[00:44:35] Did you go to the Seattle event?
[00:45:30] Anthony’s plans for the year
[00:46:10] Q3 Event with Merch Empire
[00:46:30] Goodbyes

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