Jersey Edition Podcast

Call Center BS – High Blood Pressure, Hiring Reps Problem, Avicii, UFC Week 3 Gambling Update

Call Center BS Podcast

In this episode, Anthony discusses his high blood pressure issue he’s been dealing with. Kevin talks about the new hire problems they’ve been having as well as the UFC gambling business model. Enjoy!

Call Center BS – Using Trello, Hiring Sales Reps, Cryrotherapy, Mike Tyson

Call Center BS Podcast

In this weeks episode, Anthony and Kevin discuss using Trello to get shit done, hiring sales reps, Anthony’s cryotherapy experience and Mike Tyson’s new career. They also talked about the lagging “culture” of DMV, the post office and TSA pre-check offices. Enjoy the show. Connect with us at

Call Center BS – Running Multiple Campaigns, Private Jets, Gambling on UFC, Selling Hoagies

Call Center BS Podcast

In episode 2, Bryan Loving from Anaheim joins Anthony & Kevin to discuss the new campaign they are running. The conversation quickly turns into a multitude of topics that have nothing to do with Call Centers, including the private jet industry, gambling on Draft Kings and the failure rate of small businesses.

Call Center BS – Back in the Call Center Business, Sales, Honesty, Mental Toughness

Call Center BS Podcast

In episode one, Anthony & Kevin talk about getting back in the call center game and the journey that took them back here. Sales, mental toughness and honesty are all elements of any business. After an 8 month break of doing content, they are back in the game, sharing what they’ve learned and sharing where…

Call Center BS Introduction

Call Center BS Podcast

This is a brief introduction to the podcast. Call Center BS isn’t just for the call center industry. The content you will hear applies to anyone and everyone looking to make sales…eCommerce, affiliates, sales organizations, inside sales representatives, outside sales reps, etc….focusing on Entrepreneurship, Mindset, Marketing, Accountability, Personal Development and of course, Ball Busting (Jersey…

Podcast Reviews

    September 6, 2018 by Wa'd from United States

    Best podcast ever!! Learned allot from you guys, I’m tearing-up fast from your great tips. Thanx allot

  • Always Something New
    August 14, 2018 by Tank2830 from United States

    Just started listening to their podcasts. They have a great grip on their past and how they are changing for the future.

  • Great
    July 10, 2018 by Lggfghyfvhdh from Romania

    5 stars podcast!

  • East Coast Hustle
    April 26, 2018 by Next 90 with Nick from United States

    These guys are amazing!! Def tune in and listen how to build a profitable business! Keep it up fellas.

  • Love it
    March 15, 2018 by Joel Elliot from United States

    One of the best podcast on Merch By Amazon these guys go in rugged raw and unfiltered. Just what you need the tips they give I swear you should be charging folks for this ?????????????????? keep up the good work


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