EPISODE 057: Daily Merch Drive: The 10X Merch Event, Junior’s Inspiring Story, and Our Growing Merch Group

Kevin and Anthony talk about the upcoming 10X Merch event, their plans about their growing Merch community, and the interesting back-story behind Junior’s entry to their team. Also, today’s Day 7 of Merch Shame featuring Mary’s cool design.

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Skip the fluff:

05:23 The 10x Merch event
06:59 Day 7 of Merch Shame shirt reveal
08:42 T-shirts of same sizes fit differently
10:48 Junior the video guy and his story
25:45 Extended meeting about Instagram and social media
26:42 Talking about Mike and Eric
28:03 Plans about our growing group
35:18 The 10X tool
36:26 Talking about our 10x programmer Jordan
45:18 Quick sales update

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