Jersey Shakedown With Michael Essany

Ep 168 Greg Preece of Start Starting Up

Today’s podcast is jam-packed with ideas from the one and only Michael Essany. His unique design strategies and his overall outside-the-box thinking can give all of us Merch business owners new perspectives to look at.

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Skip the fluff:

01:20 Michael Essany’s Merch venture
04:56 His experience with POD/eCommerce
05:39 His design background
07:38 His designer strategy
08:18 His current Merch status
10:29 His design strategies
17:24 His trendy categories
18:28 His staff/workforce
21:07 His submissions
21:42 The amount of time Micheal spends on Merch
22:18 Question: “When testing out a new scaled design, how many variations do you do and what would you suggest at the 1000 tier when you’re limited to 20 uploads a day?”
24:00 Question: How to efficiently handle high amounts of uploads
25:12 Michael’s Facebook page and group
27:02 Europe beta launch for Merch
28:30 Question about hiring designers
29:48 Question: How Michael deals with his ideas
30:38 Question: What Michael uses for research
31:22 Understanding lingos unique to certain fields
34:14 Question: “Does Michael upload a large amount of scaled design into one brand at the same time or does he add slowly?”
37:41 Question: Standard or premium / pricing strategy
38:51 Question about titles and bullets
39:50 Question: “Do you have a strategy to allocate your available design slots by particular niches or trending topics?”
40:27 Question about Micheal’s other selling platforms
41:38 Micheal’s thoughts on Etsy
42:51 Question: Wolverines or Buckeyes
43:28 Question about trademarked phrases
43:38 Michael lets Amazon do the cleanup
44:46 Question: Michael’s bad months

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