Merch Empire Live – Merchinator, Getting Into A Groove, Big Data, Merch Shame with Sami

Ep 168 Greg Preece of Start Starting Up

After the initial success of the 10x Merch Analytics tool, a new Merch tool is coming your way! Anthony and Kevin discuss about the Merchinator software that will help Merch users come up with multiple design variations using only one design.

Today’s podcast also features Sami Suleiman’s shirt for 21 Days of Merch Shame.

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Skip the fluff:

04:34 Anthony’s story: his son’s snacks predicament
06:17 The new daily video podcast setup
08:21 Anthony talks about a Gary Vee video
09:31 Investing on a new awesome video podcast setup
12:05 The Merchinator and the 10x Merch Analytics tool
15:39 Anthony and Kevin’s startup strategies and journey on Merch
20:19 Good sales going on for many people
23:25 Merch Shame shirt of the Day by Sami Suleiman
25:22 New tool called Merchinator
25:50 Kevin’s story: his photo company
27:09 What the new tool does
35:12 Image privacy in using the tool
35:58 The Merchinator to continuously add new filters
36:19 How the filter previews work on the Merchinator
38:01 How the uploads work with the tool
39:17 Analysis of our data from the 10x Analytics tool
45:11 Discussion about Walmart eCommerce
52:07 Anthony’s story about the Insanity workout

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