Merch Empire Live – Etsy, RO Complaint, Sales Trending Up

Ep 168 Greg Preece of Start Starting Up

Today is a good day for everyone waiting to tier up. A number of our Merch colleagues share tiering up in the past hours, giving hope to all those who have been waiting to move to the next tier.

For today’s podcast, Anthony and Kevin discussed a variety of topics including the sales tax issues, their launch on GearLaunch, Amazon’s rights owner complaints, and many more. Dave Cadoff’s design is also being featured for today’s Merch Shame shirt.

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Skip the fluff:

03:16 Sales tax systems and all sales tax problems
05:58 The 10x replay
07:53 Printful and Etsy
08:31 Tier-ups happening now
11:37 Selling on Etsy
14:41 Sample of GearLaunch shirt
15:40 Launching on GearLaunch
16:11 Merch Shame shirt of the day
20:05 Sales update / Rights owner complaints / Amazon issues
23:12 Kevin’s technical tasks lately / InfusionSoft
24:59 Gary V’s insights
26:38 Anthony and Kevin’s story about “work”
31:30 Kevin’s formulas
34:02vAnthony’s story about his Statistics class
36:10 “What’s in Kevin’s box?” (from Kevin’s story from yesterday)
38:18 Update on their Merch business
39:37 Using the 10x Analytics tool within the team
40:04 Update on our designs
41:11 An app for creating designs
45:23 Anthony’s meeting with a buddy who owns a burger place
46:13 Sales update: Merch Sales for the day

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