Merch Empire Live – Outsourcing Nuggets, The Value Of Data, Merch Numbers

Ep 168 Greg Preece of Start Starting Up

After months of doing The Daily Drive, Kevin and Anthony have decided to bring the show inside. They are “gearing up” to make their content even better across a multitude of platforms.

The guys discussed a lot of valuable things in tonight’s hour-long video podcast, including their sales update, their very positive forecast for FBA, the 10x Analytics tool, and Kevin’s nuggets about hiring and training outsourced employees.

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Skip the fluff:

04:06 Kevin’s Vegas trip
07:48 Pinkies Vape Up sponsors the show
08:30 Welcome to the new show setup!
10:00 WireCast software
11:35 Article about Content
17:00 Anthony’s personal activities for the day
19:34 Sales update
21:56 Entrepreneur tip: Getting the mind set right
23:10 Merch rejections
23:52 FBA update
24:33 Kevin’s posting on / hiring a new person
28:58 Discussion about Pretty Merch and Reddit
31:03 Working with outsourced employees / Using screen capturing software to see what people do on their PC
32:31 Kevin’s shoebox story
35:25 Kevin’s way of training an employee / the blame game
37:55 Positive forecast for FBA this December
43:33 The Merch Analytics tool
44:37 “Analyze This” segment using the 10x tool / more things analytics related
48:19 Catalogue-ing the contents
50:07 No Merch Shame today
50:29 Entrepreneur tip: Wide vs Deep
53:11 Upcoming video podcasts
54:34 Kevin’s story: Midnight Madness

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