Jersey Shakedown With Bo Pollard – 6k Tier and Crushing Merch by Amazon

Ep 168 Greg Preece of Start Starting Up

For today’s episode, Anthony is shaking down Bo Pollard of all his Merch wisdom. This guy is already at the 6k tier and has been working on Merch only since April. Bo answered a number of listeners’ questions and he also shared the strategies that he uses to scale his Merch business.
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Skip the fluff:

00:37 Anthony is changing the “Drive” concept for the podcast

01:46 Overview of who Bo Pollard is

03:14 Bo Pollard’s startup with eCommerce

04:44 Bo’s start with Amazon Merch

05:49 How amazing FBA/Merch is

10:35 Bo’s theory about the relationship between tier level and traffic

14:28 Bo’s perception of Merch during the beginning

15:31 Bo’s level of success in Merch

17:51 Bo’s current pricing

23:13 Bo’s strategy with trademarks

28:33 Bo’s keyword research strategy

32:34 Bo’s design strategy

34:32 Bo’s choice between trending and evergreen

36:24 Recent sales trend

37:58 Bo’s strategy in researching niches

38:48 Anthony’s current sales strategies and dilemma

45:07 Bo’s all-in effort in this business

50:31 Talk about survival pool

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