Merch Empire Live – ASM 8, Teaming up with Designers, Road to 1 Million

Anthony and Christine are doing the Drive today as Kevin and Zayed work on the 10X Analytics tool. Among the things discussed are the ASM 8 course, Anthony’s Road to 1 Million plan for December, and his recent team-up with a great designer.

As for today’s Merch Shame shirt, Christine is wearing JL Highland’s hilarious design!

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Skip the fluff:

02:48 Today’s Drive is on YouTube Live as well
04:29 Christine joins Anthony for today’s Daily Drive
04:56 10X Merch Analytic tool polishing up
05:37 Day 14 of Merch Shame shirt by JL Highland
07:42 / 9:17 The ASM 8 course
08:15 What Christine does for the team
10:01 Many people are currently waiting to tier-up
11:09 Making money altogether
12:18 Sales update for Halloween season
13:38 Getting our design quality up
15:20 John Lauro’s design strategy
16:04 Anthony’s great designer
19:31 Making a separate brand for quality shirts
23:56 10X replay update
26:16 Junior’s trailers are coming up
28:11 Road to 1 Million
32:44 10X Merch Analytics tool launch

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