Merch Empire Live – 4th Quarter Sales Issue, Updates, Day 13 Of Merch Shame

A couple of Merch issues were discussed in today’s drive, including the current sales problem and the printing capacity issue. Kevin and Anthony also shared their current strategies alongside their most recent sales update.

For today’s Merch Shame shirt, Kevin is wearing Paige Parker’s design.

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Skip the fluff:

02:35 The 10x replay

04:27 / 05:59 The 10x Merch analytic tool

05:22 Anthony’s no-shave bet until sales are back up

10:22 10x Merch analytic tool’s data security

12:21 4th quarter sales issue / printing capacity problem

15:52 “nothing we can do about the Merch issue”

16:48 Kevin and Anthony’s sales update

17:15 Kevin and Anthony’s current strategy

22:34 Other Merch accounts are not having sales issues

24:03 Kevin and Anthony’s keyword strategy

29:49 Day 13 of Merch Shame shirt by Paige Parker

33:41 Why change prices

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