Merch Empire Live – Updates, Tragedy Policy, Premium Designs

Anthony’s dad joins the Drive while Kevin is busy. Mr. Busciglio shared some insights on entrepreneurship while Anthony discussed a number of trending topics in Merch, including Premium Designs, the Tragedy Policy, and the alleged Design Rotation on Amazon.

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Skip the fluff:

04:57 Heated morning meeting
05:33 “No time for Etsy yet”
06:29 The “10x mindset” for Merch
10:22 The 10x for 10 event
10:59 Entrepreneur tip: The difficulty of making money
13:07 Facebook Live emojis could have caused the crash
14:27 10x event replay
15:11 10x Merch analytics tool
16:17 Design elements
18:21 Premium designs
19:48 The Amazon glitch: last year they ran out of stock
20:53 Some tiers are getting paused
22:19 GearLaunch update
23:17 The Amazon tragedy policy
25:14 Design rotation on Amazon
27:33 “Emoji test” on today’s Live video

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