Merch Empire Live – Kevin Christiana, Doing Too Much Work, Day 12 Merch Shame

In today’s Daily Drive, Kevin and Anthony talked about meeting Kevin Christiana in NYC and his success in the fashion industry. The guys also shared an update on their Merch sales and what changes they’ve made in the company in the last few days.

Day 12 of Merch Shame is also here, featuring Ben Jones’ shirt!

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Skip the fluff:

[03:08] The Daily Merch Drive replays are all available through YT

[03:40] Our morning meetings

[04:31] Our number of viewers and our goal number

[05:26] Kevin Christiana – who he is

[08:37] Kevin C’s designs

[09:37] Our sales update

[10:38] Anthony’s meeting with the VA

[13:42] The team’s busy work week

[18:37] Ben Jones’ shirt for Merch Shame

[22:10] Entrepreneur tip: Luck and success

[26:05] The 10x for 10 event

[29:16] We’re doing too many things at once

[31:17] Backing out from the reseller business

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