Merch Empire Live – 10x for 10, Niche Buddy System, Day-11 Of Merch Shame

Today, the team is driving through a different route as they travel to NYC to see Anthony’s designer friend Kevin Christiana.

For today’s Drive session, the guys discussed a couple of important topics including the 10x for 10 program, the buddy system, and a quick update on their Merch business. Day 11 of Merch Shame is also here, featuring John Lauro’s hilarious design.

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Skip the fluff:

01:32 Benny, Brian, Junior join the Drive
03:42 The guys are going to New York to meet Kevin Christiana / who Kevin C is
05:08 Pinkies Up sponsors the drive
05:57 The 10X for 10 event
15:17 John Lauro’s Merch Shame design
17:29 10x Merch analytics tool
19:33 The buddy-system
21:06 Anthony shares updates on their Merch business
23:20 Merch tip: Improving the product descriptions
25:35 The 10X replay is coming soon

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