Merch Empire Live – Jersey Shakedown With Harrison Caldwell

Harrison Caldwell, at the 2k Tier and about to hit 4k, joins today’s Drive with some valuable information. He shared details regarding his pricing and listing practices alongside his experience in tiering-up quickly. Harrison has been on fire, popping 50-60 sales/day! He also gave some advice for Merch beginners…

The beta for our analytics tools has also gone live and is free for everyone to try!

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Skip the fluff:

02:30 Cassie and Mary are new moderators for our FB group
02:47 Drive sponsor – Pinkies Up Vape
05:37 The successful 10x event
08:55 A Possible 3-day Mastermind event coming soon
10:58 Our 10x Merch analytics tool beta
13:28 Harrison Caldwell joins the drive
14:24 / 22:46 Harrison’s background
16:37 Harrison’s merch status
17:21 Harrison’s figures update
17:49 Merch and FBA
18:59 Chris Green
19:08 The hoodies/sweatshirts/etc rumor
22:35 Merch tip: Harrison’s advice
28:16 Harrison’s strategy from 500-tier
30:21 Harrison’s pricing strategy
37:34 Harrison’s design strategy
37:53 Hiring a VA for the Merch business
38:33 Merch tip: check on your mobile listings too
39:17 Merch Tip about bullet-points
39:51 Observing design elements

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