Merch Empire Live – Jersey Shakedown with 2000-tier John Lauro

John Lauro is today’s Jersey Shakedown guest. He’s at 2000-tier and has sold 400 shirts in the last 7 days. John shared valuable content during today’s drive, including his designer strategies, his niche choices, and his advice on how to find trends.

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01:07 John Lauro joins the drive
03:02 Adding Instagram Live for the Drive
03:55 Pinkies Vape sponsors the drive
04:47 Who John is, what he does
05:12 John’s designer strategy
06:11 John’s current status on Merch
08:05 Uploading techniques / titles / bullet points
09:39 Picking niches
09:58 Capitalizing on current trends
10:16 John’s pricing strategy
12:43 John and the eclipse craze
14:39 Merch tip: What people don’t take advantage of, as per John
17:28 The alleged problem about using descriptions like “mens”, “kids”, “womens”, etc.
19:02 John’s choice between regular or premium shirts
19:43 John’s sales figures / discussion about keyword ranking
20:31 Finding trends
21:00 The buddy-system
22:49 Category comparison
23:18 Merch tip: John’s advice for Merch beginners
24:50 John’s submission rejections
27:16 John’s shirt-type ratio (text-based / detail-based)
29:10 Dealing with sports trademarks
30:35 Rumored hoodies and sweatshirts
32:16 Merch goes beta in Europe

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