10x Workshop, Ken Reil Daily Drive Recap, New Pricing Structure

Ep 168 Greg Preece of Start Starting Up

This week’s podcast contains all the good stuff that the guys learned from guests last week. Inputs coming from Ken Reil, the Merch Fairy, were recapped along with the tips from Etsy guys Michael and Eric.

Kevin and Anthony also shared the changes they made in their Merch pricing and the new steps that they are taking in terms of marketing. On top of it all, the guys are also all readied up for the upcoming 10x workshop.
Learn about our 10X Merch Workshops here – http://10xmerch.com/

Skip the fluff:

[01:05] Bagel talk
[03:35] New mic
[05:10] Talking about Ken Reil, the Merch Fairy
[06:26] What makes a leader
[08:57] Profanity in business
[10:49] Different salesman types
[14:04] Importance of understanding the psychology behind interactions
[14:33] Collaborating with Ken
[15:35] Ken’s simple ways of doing his business
[16:41] “We all have a way of doing things”
[17:34] Quick overview of Ken’s method
[19:02] Recap of last week
[19:16] Changing our prices
[21:40] Tips/recap from our Amazon business
[27:19] Junior, our video guy
[32:29] Michael and Eric’s Etsy insights
[34:04] Social media
[34:57] Our upcoming Merch tool
[35:23] Who’s coming to the 10x event
[36:53] Possible changes in our podcasts

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