Live From Seattle With Merch Minds Glenn & Yong

Ep 168 Greg Preece of Start Starting Up

In this episode, we recorded a joint podcast with Glenn & Yong from Merch Minds. We interviewed 7 other Merch by Amazon members live from Seattle after day 2 of Chris Green’s awesome conference.

They share their numbers, their journey thus far and what’s been working for them!

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00:30 Glenn, Yong, Anthony and Kevin record a joint podcast
01:03 How Anthony and Kevin started
03:00 Chris Green’s event
05:23 Introducing Cody / his current Merch status
07:16 Cody and foosball
09:45 Introducing Cassie / her current Merch status
16:45 Kevin and Anthony’s outsource team / discussions about hiring VAs
26:34 Introducing Paul Chang / his current Merch status
30:39 All about Paul Chang
34:35 Introducing Jacob Topping / his Merch status
36:31 All about Jacob Topping
50:57 Introducing Josh / his Merch status
54:47 All about Josh
58:08 Introducing (another) Jacob / his Merch status
59:29 All about Jacob
01:05:28 Introducing Elena / her Merch status / discussions about her career and business

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