An Addiction to Action, Blackjack, And Godfather Ciro

Ep 168 Greg Preece of Start Starting Up

Jersey guys spoke about their FAST team and how they’re using this elite team to capitalize on events, and holidays. Idleness is BAD. Action is GOOD. Guys are still taking action even though they are stuck at the 2k tier.

Anthony’s tells you how he hacked his college education by knowing a guy who knows a guy. Same applies for business.

His therapist says that is no hope for him.

A quick overview of their Amazon and year-to-year success.
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Skip the fluff:

[00:50] College football is back
[04:22] Loyal9, Kevin and Anthony’s SEO company
[06:36] podcasts
[07:01] Jail Time
[10:15] 21 days of Merch Shame
[12:43] Kevin hires a writer
[14:16] Kevin and Anthony’s fast team
[14:38] The Godfather
[21:23] Action and More Action at 2ooo tier
[21:56] FAST team and being a volunteer firefighter
[26:20] Merch Hunter tool
[27:06] “What were doing right now”: An update
[30:35] 10x workshop
[33:08] Walmart success / Kevin and Anthony’s Amazon year to year sales

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