275 Push-ups, Measuring Designers, Free Merch Automation Training

Ep 168 Greg Preece of Start Starting Up

In this episode, Anthony attempts to do 275 Push-ups while recording the podcast…Here’s what we cover

– LiveLeap Facebook Live Routing Software
– Free 90 Minute Merch Automation Training
– 21 Days of Merch Shame update
– 10X Merch Workshop Update
– New Print on Demand Company we are Working With
– Reseller Strategy Updates
– Maxed at 2k Tier…what next?

Learn about our 10X Merch Workshops here – http://10xmerch.com/

Skip the fluff:

02:02 Anthony’s chest day and push-ups
05:33 Broadcasting Live on Facebook / LiveLeap
07:58 The 90-minute training video
10:32 Building a team with the right people
13:18 Our meeting with the VA
15:29 Evaluating designs
19:31 The Bonus Circle
22:52 Design strategies
26:28 Getting maxed out / making data driven decisions
28:41 Merch: Steps to be taken
29:45 Data analysis: numbers update
40:16 More data analysis stuff
40:53 Kevin’s story from elementary science
44:48 21 Days of Merch Shame
46:59 The 10x event is coming up
48:58 The reseller strategy
53:32 Working with a POD company
01:00:13 How we met these people

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