Coach Pete and Don’t Smart Yourself Stupid

Ep 168 Greg Preece of Start Starting Up

It’s Sat at 9:47pm and the boys just finished their week up. Massive action is starting to take over.
In this episode, Anthony and Kevin talk about the following:

1) Update on their new pricing strategy.
2) Momentum killers
3) Goal setting the impossible.
4) Reseller strategy test purchases.
5) Policy Issue and how it affected t-shirt compliance.
6) New hire for a very important role in their merch business.

Lastly, they speak about a new 21 day Merch Shame challenge. Funny as hell. Listen to this episode now.

Skip the fluff:

01:01 Getting many things done / 10x-ing everything
05:36 Data scientist Zayed
07:22 Creating a new tool for designing
09:54 Sales update
10:04 Missing the solar eclipse trend
11:12 “Everyone has a blind side”
17:15 Kevin’s 90-minute training video
19:32 Kevin’s story: getting a job in construction
21:52 Massive Action Mondays
22:28 Coach Pete’s visit on the Drive
23:35 The importance of having fun at work
26:32 Weird social media trends and celebrities
33:14 Our reseller strategy
39:14 Anthony’s story: rant about Kevin
44:14 4th quarter forecast
45:10 Price change
48:56 Trademark issues
51:09 New gimmick after The Biggest Loser / 21 Days of Merch Shame
54:37 The 10x workshop / the value of going to live events
1:00:09 Kevin’s story: Kevin’s dream about a psychologist

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