10x Your Merch Business

Ep 168 Greg Preece of Start Starting Up

You can do the Merch business anyway you choose but choose to take massive action. The boys have upped their game.

  • 10x your Merch business. Go here –>> 10xmerch.com
  • Insightful interview with Cassie Facebook member of Amazon Merch: Jersey Edition group.
  • Anthony and Kevin meet up with childhood friend but also fellow Tshirt entrepreneur. Does a lot of business on Etsy, Ebay, Shopify and almost nothing on Amazon. The total opposite of all of us.
  • Update on our FBM listings. Kevin believes it will at least match our Merch listings sales.
  • New sales record of 140 sales for the week.
  • Listen to what they learned from their behind the scenes tour at Google NYC.
  • Update on the pricing strategy. You have to listen to this.
  • End of the biggest loser contest but many takeaways to use for business.

Skip the fluff:

03:02 The 10x Merch workshop link now on the site
05:00 Why attend the 10x workshop
09:23 Sales update / new sales record
09:54 New tiered pricing strategy
13:10 Premium shirts’ quality
15:28 Visiting Mike / t-shirt printing business
20:36 4th quarter projections
22:23 Anthony’s story: inventory issues
25:35 The Sellics tool / computing profit
30:00 Launching on different platforms
34:49 FBA inventory / Amazon loans
39:34 Interviewing Cassie
40:04 Cassie’s strategy: no bullet points
41:30 Cassie’s strategy: premium shirts only
43:55 The Biggest Loser contest update / dehydration

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