The Pope, Monopoly and How it Relates to “Hacking” your Business Growth

As Anthony and Kevin grow their Merch business, they’re starting to accelerate their growth.

Lots of topics covered in this episode… more than normal:

  1. They’re scheduling a live workshop in September in Jersey.
  2. Merch Police are here- listen to find out who they are. Not who you think.
  3. Very close to a t-shirt launch formula that guarantees successful sales as we tier up.
  4. “Batching” to drive costs lower. Find out what their biggest issue was to save the most money.
  5. How to outsource niche researching to drive sales.
  6. The Pope, Monopoly and how it relates to “hacking” your business growth.

Skip the fluff:

04:07 Our Facebook group growing really fast
04:54 The Mastermind event
06:43 Giving your all-in for success
16:38 Sales update / new sales record
17:05 Steps taken and steps to take in regards to making good sales
18:13 Anthony hires from Fiverr to get sub-niche categories
19:19 Categories for designers
22:43 Driving costs down
31:07 Problem with a designer
33:58 Kevin’s story about his grandfather
37:51 Development within the outsource team
39:27 AMS issues
50:35 Compliance issues
52:38 Having multiple Merch accounts
54:45 Using anvil and premium
57:13 Biggest Loser contest update
59:20 Kevin’s story: Monopoly

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