Merch Empire Live – 10X Hell and The Urologist

Kevin and Anthony are busy gearing up for the upcoming 10X workshop. For Monday’s Daily Drive, the guys speak about some problems including sales, niche-flooding, and the need to find a good marketing play apart from AMS.

Day 10 of Merch Shame is also here, featuring Duy’s design.

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Skip the fluff:

04:00 Anthony’s medical procedure
07:47 Today’s drive’s sponsor is Vape Pinkies Up
09:31 10x is drawing near / preparations / what to expect
18:55 Day 10 of Merch Shame shirt is here, designed by Duy
20:50 Sales update / problem with tier pricing change
25:12 Accidental removal order for all Chad’s stocks / Losing ranking
27:06 The effect of changing prices
30:11 Niche-flooding
31:47 The need to figure out a good marketing play aside from AMS
32:05 Social media marketing
34:04 Driving outside traffic
35:04 Forecasting the upcoming 4th quarter sales

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