Merch Empire Live – Triple Sales Glitch, Bullet Points Rejection, 10X Workshop

A bunch of significant topics were discussed today, including the triple sales glitch, alongside a Merch By Amazon policy change.

The 10x workshop is also drawing near and the guys are sharing some of the details about the event, including the headcount and the pre-10x mixer.

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Skip the fluff:

[04:56] Revealing Day 9 of Merch Shame shirt by Amanda

[06:20] Doing the count for the 10x workshop

[07:46] 3-min 10x documentary

[08:11] Talking to the catering-owner for the mixer/ what food to expect

[11:09] The triple sales glitch

[13:04] The Halloween season

[15:34] Thanksgiving season

[17:44] Veterans’ day

[18:20] “if its questionable don’t do it”

[18:59] Rejections

[21:00] The benefit of having a VA in times like these

[22:10] Live listings are said to have been taken down

[23:36] This is a big guessing game!

[26:16] When does this stop?

[27:38] Take your fear and use it in business

[36:39] The power pivot

[38:43] Ken Reil, The Merch Fairy, Coming?

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