Episode 059: Daily Merch Drive: The 10x Workshop, Shipping Globally, Building Your Brand

Anthony and Kevin are all prepped up for the upcoming 10x event. Anthony’s father joins the guys to take care of the pre-10x mixer catering. A number of quick topics were also discussed including Amazon’s global shipping, social media marketing, and brand-building.

For today’s shirts, Kristin’s Day 8 of Merch Shame design is showcased, alongside Ken’s Merch Fairy shirt.

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Skip the fluff:

02:43 Anthony’s dad joins in
03:02 10x prep: the Mixer before the main event
03:27 10x prep: The guys are ordering the food for the mixer
04:35 Anthony’s fam’s background
05:48 Anthony’s dad’s entrepreneurial background
09:24 / 20:08 The 10x Merch event
11:58 Our new interview rules
13:01 Email from Amazon global team / shipping globally
15:58 Merchant Words
18:23 Day 8 of Merch Shame shirt unveiled
22:03 Building our brand
30:08 Merch Fairy’s shirt
30:56 Interviewing more successful people
31:15 Talking about Rocio Rodriguez

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