Episode 058: Daily Merch Drive: Jersey Shakedown With Ken Reil, The Merch Fairy

The guys bring in Ken Reil to today’s drive! This guy’s at 10k tier and he shares his unique perspective on how to grow your Merch business.

Day 7 of Merch Shame is also here, featuring Leonna’s hilarious design.

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Skip the fluff:

04:42 Day 7 of Merch Shame shirt
11:32 Anthony purchases insurance for Merch account
15:24 Ken Reil joins the drive
17:31 Ken shares some quick details about his 10k-tier Merch account
19:51 Ken’s pricing strategy
23:28 Ken’s traffic choice
24:27 Ken’s experience with AMS
28:52 Ken’s tools
33:10 Merch tip: Ken’s thoughts as to where people could screw up
36:27 Ken’s keyword strategy
37:41 How Ken decides on niches
44:15 Ken’s Merch sales and status last year

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