EPISODE 055: Daily Merch Drive: All Things Etsy! With Micheal Bennet and Eric Ocampo

Today we had two special guests – Micheal Bennet and Eric Ocampo- talk about Etsy and Ebay.  They also dropped some knowledge about how they are rapidly growing their Instagram following. Super good content in this episode.

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Skip the fluff:

02:35 Day 5 of Merch Shame – Frank Cassidy’s design
03:35 Writers for our blog
04:36 10x Merch Workshop -reopening tickets
05:30 Working on improving our video content
07:26 Introducing Mike and Eric
08:10 Their Etsy success
09:12 How they started
11:10 Their printing business – what they do
12:10 Selling in Etsy – pricing, profit, etc
19:35 Etsy ads
31:22 Reinstating a suspended Etsy acct
34:16 Copycat problem on different platforms
35:13 Brand-names
41:08 Instagram hack

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