EPISODE 054: Daily Merch Drive: Seattle Merch Con Recap, Day 4 Of Merch Shame

After a week of absence from the Daily Merch Drive, Kevin and Anthony are back from Seattle! The guys share a quick overview of what went on at the Merch conference.

On top of the Seattle recap, the guys also reveal Day-4’s Merch Shame tee.

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Skip the fluff:

02:53 Coming back from Seattle
03:19 Today is 9/11
04:32 Day 4 of Merch Shame
04:39 Merch Shame shirt by Diana
05:17 Sizing issue: same “sized” Merch shirts fit differently
05:59 Seattle recap: people that we met
08:36 Jordan and our video team
12:05 Seattle recap: Kevin’s notes from the conference
23:24 Seattle recap: Jacob – the kid who just got out of college and doing well in Merch
24:44 Talking about Shopify
25:40 Components of good designs
27:14 Seattle recap: Conclusions and insights gathered from the event
31:17 Raising shirt prices

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