EPISODE 051: Daily Merch Drive: Day 1 Of 21 Days Of Merch Shame, 2k Submissions, Building A Team

Kevin and Anthony talked about Day 1 of 21 Days of Merch Shame with Kevin wearing the new design made by Lisa McLean Murphy. The two guys also talked about different topics from last week’s progress including their Friday podcast with Aaron Rashkin.

Kevin and Anthony also shared the problem they met reaching 2k submissions and what they are doing about it. Among many other things, the guys also mentioned their Seattle event next week, the upcoming Thursday Jersey Shakedown, the POD company they’re working with and the team Kevin is building.

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Skip the fluff:

03:56 Day 1 Merch Shame shirt by Lisa McLean Murphy
06:01 Utilizing Facebook Live
07:40 Last Friday’s podcast with Aaron Rashkin
08:09 Some rants about last week’s boxing
12:47 2k-submissions dilemma
22:17 Seattle event for next week
22:45 Upcoming Thursday Jersey Shakedown podcast
23:18 10x workshop coming up
24:43 The POD company Kevin and Anthony are working with
27:21 Merch tip: Kevin builds a team
32:57 Friday meetings

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