EPISODE 046: Daily Merch Drive: Frustrations, Awesome POD Demo, 21 Days of Merch Shame Update

Daily Merch Drive: Technical Frustrations, Awesome Print On Demand Company Demo, 21 Days of Merch Shame Update

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04:03 LiveLeap live video sharing software
04:57 Entrepreneur tip: Calling LiveLeap owner / building a relationship with people in general
06:28 Kevin’s story: rant about business-owners who do not answer calls
09:56 How Kevin handles difficulties in the office
13:57 21 Days of Merch Shame
15:47 Getting a rights-complaint
19:23 Demo with another print-on-demand company
25:02 Starting a business relationship with people/companies
27:59 The 90-minute training
31:14 Entrepreneur tip: Daily learnings and constant frustrations
35:55 Anthony and Kevin’s individual strengths and weaknesses

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