EPISODE 044: Daily Merch Drive: More Outsourcing Talk, Maxing 2k Tier, High Value Activities

Daily Merch Drive: More Outsourcing Talk, Good people bad situations, Maxing out 2k tier, high value activities.

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01:12 Funniest design for 21 Days of Merch Shame
02:12 Coming back from welearn
02:31 Reseller strategy: Finding good companies that aren’t on Amazon
07:15 Some people still reject the idea of doing business with Amazon
09:21 Update on Kevin and Anthony’s status on Merch
10:33 Kevin and Anthony’s next steps on Merch
12:25 The guys are hiring a new employee
15:56 Entrepreneur tip: “good guy bad situation bad outcome”
19:59 Designer policy
22:27 90-min training
24:06 Entrepreneur tip: “being average sucks”
27:55 10x Merch workshop
28:01 What the guys do to relax
36:15 Entrepreneur tip: “a number is a way to look at something”

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