EPISODE 043: Daily Merch Drive: Merch Automation, 21 Days of Shame, 10X

Daily Merch Drive: 90 Minute Merch Automation training to be released soon, 21 Days of Merch Shame updatw, 10X Merch Workshop filling up!

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Skip the fluff:

03:12 Kevin and Anthony’s office meetings
03:35 Doing so much action with not so much strategy
05:45 21 Days of Merch Shame update
07:48 Catching up with all the backlogs
08:31 90-min training video
10:18 Entrepreneur tip: talking about leverage / outsourcing skilled people
13:29 Sales update from the last few days
13:42 Lesson learned: not miss out on any trend now
14:17 Entrepreneur tip: being more strategic
14:40 Merch Informer
16:06 Kevin’s update on Merch contact
22:51 Kevin and Anthony’s hiring an audio/video editor
30:01 10x Merch workshop

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