EPISODE 041: Daily Merch Drive: Momentum Killers, Price Points, Upload Limits

AUGUST 10TH, 2017: Daily Merch Drive: Momentum Killers, Upload Limits Down, Price Point Argument, Merch Football, New 7 Day High, 10X

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05:36 Tier-pricing strategy
07:37 Shirt-ranking on Amazon
10:14 Pricing does not seem to matter to people
13:24 Momentum-killer in business
20:30 Anthony and Kevin will not make any changes yet
20:43 The upload submission for lower-tier accounts was lowered
21:45 Merch tip: expect the unexpected
24:11 Starting the Jersey Edition podcast
26:17 Merch tip: don’t get phased by Amazon’s changes
31:42 10x Merch workshop early bird

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