EPISODE 038: Daily Merch Drive: New 7 Day High With 162 Sales, 10X Workshop Talk

AUGUST 7TH, 2017: Daily Merch Drive: Massive Action Monday, New 7 Day High with 162 Sales, Jersey Merch YouTube Ads, Focusing Your Team, 10X Workshop

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03:02 10x Merch workshop
04:48 Entrepreneur tip: doing more even when things are going well
06:31 7-part-7-figure-earner interviews
11:26 Sales update: new 7-day high
14:45 10x workshop update
17:27 Youtube marketing
23:39 Meeting about focusing the team
27:43 Entrepreneur tip: simplifying things and focusing
29:53 Entrepreneur tip: “if you try to handle multiple businesses at once, you’re not gonna make money from any of them”

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