EPISODE 037: Daily Merch Drive: Interview With Cassie Baskett (4000 Tier)

August 4th, 2017: Daily Merch Drive: Biggest Loser Final Talk, Inside Google Headquarters, Live with Cassie Baskett….Cassie discusses 4th quarter sales 2016, Submitting 80 Designs a day, and MAKING 5,000 SALES WITH NO BULLET POINTS?!

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Skip the fluff:

02:07 Kevin’s health ventures
7:01 Biggest Loser contest is over
8:00 Kevin’s health issues and advice
10:45 Anthony and Kevin visiting Google’s headquarters
14:48 10x workshop attendees
15:39 Cassie joins the drive
16:05 Cassie’s start in the business
16:22 Cassie’s holiday sales
17:50 Cassie’s switch at 1000-tier
18:47 Sellics tool / profit calculation
20:15 The lack of preparation from Amazon’s side
21:03 Running out of items / holiday preparation
22:17 Kevin and Anthony’s sales from last year
23:37 Loans from Amazon
24:55 Cassie’s submissions
27:35 Reasons to change pricing strategy
28:56 Cassie’s pricing strategy
30:28 Cassie not putting bullets
34:13 Kevin’s time spent on Merch
34:33 Cassie’s current status on Merch
41:50 Merch tip: what Cassie does differently
45:23 Cassie doesn’t run advertising

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