EPISODE 036: Daily Merch Drive: How We Started On Amazon, Kevin Almost Dead

AUGUST 4TH, 2017: Daily Merch Drive: Live with Cassie Baskett, Check in with Kevin who looked like DEATH and some crazy storytelling.

This drive turned into a Jersey story telling of our success and failures in the last 5 years, how we got started with Amazon and we built a business from zero to 1 million a month that we had to shut down!

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Skip the fluff:

02:23 Kevin joins the Live video
08:53 The 10x workshop
16:28 Anthony’s story: how Kevin and him started with Amazon
16:52 Anthony’s story: their call center and SEO ventures
20:35 Anthony’s story: shutting down the call center business after the hurricane
21:43 Anthony’s story: trying to get back on their feet
22:04 Anthony’s story: how the Amazon idea comes to mind
24:00 Anthony’s story: getting back on track
30:29 Anthony’s story: the risk for a lawsuit
32:44 Anthony’s story: the continuous damage control
34:59 Focusing on Amazon
36:23 Cassie joins the Live video
37:20 All about Cassie’s success

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