EPISODE 034: Daily Merch Drive: Massive Action, Dehydration, Automate Your Business

JULY 31ST, 2017: Daily Merch Drive: Massive Action Monday’s, Kevin Attempting to Lose 20 Pounds in 5 Days, FBM Live, Sub-Niche Test, Mastermind Talk, Automating Your Business Video

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02:00 The 10x book
08:47 Kevin’s weight loss update
15:11 What Jersey Merch offers
17:00 The operations process with the VA
18:45 Entrepreneur tip: “taking the high road” works well in business
19:30 The guys are doing a sub-niche test
23:11 Automation and outsourcing
25:11 FBM listings / brand-registry
29:05 Having more Merch accounts

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