EPISODE 032: Daily Merch Drive: Merch vs FBA, Walmart.com Launch, Biggest Loser Leader Board

JULY 27TH, 2017: Daily Merch Drive: Biggest Loser Board, FBM Shirt Issues, Launching Massive SKU’s FBA vs Amazon Merch, Walmart Launch

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Skip the fluff:
01:17 Introducing Christine / what she does
02:55 The guys’ problem with unauthorized resellers
05:44 Brand-gating
07:21 Biggest Loser update
08:54 Kevin shows the office and the Biggest Loser leaderboard
11:42 Brian’s weight-loss routine
15:08 The BiggestLoser-to-business metaphor
17:20 FBA business update
18:21 Walmart.com venture
21:15 eBay comparison
23:03 Update on live listings
24:44 Brand registry
27:35 The business’ day-to-day operation
29:35 Reimbursements from Amazon

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