EPISODE 031: Daily Merch Drive: Sub-Niches, Mastermind, Launch Formula

JULY 25TH, 2017: Daily Merch Drive: Finding Sub-Niches, Mastermind, Google Employee Conversation, Designer Problem, AMS New Strategy

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04:47 Merch sub niches
05:17 Figuring out the exact formula
07:09 Niche research
08:33 Anthony posted a job on Fiverr
10:47 Merch: doing 280 drafts in a day
13:26 Merch: doing the same design twice
14:08 Weird designer problem
23:40 The Mastermind event
28:10 Entrepreneur tip: “why partner with somebody”
29:20 Mentor Mike and mentor Brad / media content strategy
32:28 Connecting with a kid from Google
36:02 Employee roles
36:22 Brian to work full time on licensing / reselling
37:18 Chad just got approved on Merch
38:05 FBM listings / brand registry
40:17 Update: shirt sales
41:20 Campaigns launched

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