EPISODE 029: Daily Merch Drive: Print on Demand Future, John’s Near Merch Termination Experience,

JULY 20TH, 2017: Daily Merch Drive: Print on Demand Future, John Lauro’s Near Termination Experience, Mortgage Business Money, How To Get A Free Cold Brew From Starbucks

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01:08 A Facebook Live software
02:19 Kevin’s story: his talk with MBA students
03:26 Network marketing coaching sessions that Kevin and Anthony went through
04:48 Kevin and Anthony’s past call center business
05:44 Kevin’s first business
10:03 Print-on-demand for phone cases
14:19 Costs of shipping for the phone cases
17:49 John’s joins the Drive via phone call
18:17 John’s account almost got terminated
22:22 Bullets for shirt listings
29:28 Handling trademark issues

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