EPISODE 027: Daily Merch Drive: New Sales Record, B2B Update, Mastermind Event

JULY 18TH, 2017: Daily Merch Drive: New daily sales record with 29 yesterday, B2B update, FBM Listings Almost Done & Discussing A Mastermind Event at Our Office

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02:00 Sales update: best sales achieved yesterday
02:55 Sales might be due to changes in keywords and bullet points
03:06 Sales are all organic
04:55 Merch: Tiering up
11:55 B2B update
12:20 Shirt pricing
13:32 Lowering prices
15:01 Keeping cost low and increasing revenue
19:33 Merch: bullet points and keywords
22:34 Update on FBM
24:37 Orders from POD
26:10 Doing a Mastermind event
29:20 FBM tips

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