EPISODE 024: Daily Merch Drive: Interview with Kevin Bays, owner of 4ink fulfillment services

JULY 11TH, 2017: Daily Merch Drive: Interview with Kevin Bays , owner of 4link fulfillment services. Kevin has over 800,000 listings for T-Shirts on Amazon (FBM). He explains his process and how he takes the heavy lifting out of it for us to get ours up too.

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Skip the fluff:

01:43 Prime Day sales
03:57 Rights owner complaints
07:05 Kevin Bays joins the drive
08:01 What Kevin Bays does
10:13 Kevin B’s tests
11:20 Brand registry
14:43 Work with Kevin B
17:12 Enhanced brand content
18:29 Having a dedicated Amazon rep
19:09 The Amazon Exclusives program
22:03 Seller fulfilled Prime
23:31 Kevin B’s figures
25:25 Text vs images designs
26:38 Kevin B’s current Merch status
26:57 Kevin B’s rejections / trademark issues
30:02 Shirt pricing
31:49 Kevin and Anthony’s business expansion
33:06 Kevin B’s Walmart venture
35:06 Kevin B’s 4th quarter sales last year

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