EPISODE 023: Daily Merch Drive: Amazon Prime Day, POD company Kevin met, Rejections/Suspensions,

JULY 10TH, 2017: Daily Merch Drive: POD company Kevin met, Rejections/Suspensions, B2B Sales Update, FMB Shirts with Brand Registry, Amazon Prime Day

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01:09 Anthony and Kevin’s weekends
01:57 Update: weekend sales
02:21 Redoing bullet points while awaiting tiering-up
03:14 Suspensions and rejections
05:19 The POD company that Kevin met
13:20 Brand registry
16:01 What keeps the team busy right now
18:02 FBM trademarks / violations
18:31 The B2B test
19:43 The Biggest Loser contest update
23:07 Getting rights owner complaint

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