EPISODE 021: Daily Merch Drive: Data Scientist, Amazon Merch Live Event in Seattle

JULY 5TH, 2017: Daily Merch Drive: Guest Zayed the “Data Scientist”, Amazon Merch Live Event in Seattle

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01:15 The guys’ weekend
03:11 Update on sales and Merch status
03:38 Chris Green
05:29 Recap of last week / trying to meet Merch’s head
08:55 Zayed, the data scientist
11:35 Improving keywords / bullet points
13:30 Keyword frequency
15:38 Merch: disecting data
16:50 Where we get the keywords
19:50 The importance of breaking down data
22:24 Keyword rules weren’t laid down clearly
23:31 Maximizing the keyword count
24:05 The Amazon event
26:19 Earning from Shopify
27:58 Drawing data from Facebook analytics
34:08 The Biggest Loser contest

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